20 free HR photos for your next design

Good photos are often an indispensable element in good design.
Today we are giving for free, exclusively for our readers, a stock of 20 high resolution photos with mixed subjects.
The author of these shots is Valeria Menici. Let me briefly introduce her.
Valeria is an Italian web designer and developer with an eye for photography. She’s also a great friend of mine, so she has kindly accepted to release this stock for Webislove.

To view some others of her shots you can visit her flickr page(while waiting her website will go live)

I like in particular her work with decadent subjects, but now let her introduce her shots

In this package you will find some “experiment shots” I’ve taken to try my camera. They are not intended to be masterpieces, I choose them because I think there can be some useful shape or element easy to edit and “re-use”. Michela asked me to make some textures as well, I liked the idea even if I’m new to this kind of photo. The result is not perfect because this is my first time to catch textures and recently I’m short of subjects! I hope you like them anyway and the next time I plan to find new and better material for Webislove.

All photos are free for personal and commercial use

And now some previews: