Branding Tips For Aspiring Designers

Branding is one topic that often appears when looking at the work of designers. Designers need to think about branding on a daily basis, from brand creation to brand standard maintenance. If you are a designer, you have to be sure that branding is always taken into account. EraserFarm has some tips for the designers that need to worry about branding.

Analyze The Competition

This is definitely something that is much more important than what many think right now. In every single industry there are some really strong brands that you can learn a lot from. You basically want to learn from the very best branding that is done in a specific niche. That will help you to see what works and what does not work based on a much larger reached audience than what you have at the moment. Look at everything from site content to social media promotions.

Making Everything Glanceable

According to Google, website visitors form an opinion in just 17 milliseconds. Content browsing is nowadays something that changed how marketing is done. Brand storytelling needs to be “at-a-glance”. This practically means that the whole brand picture should be perceived in the very first glance. That will always include many different factors from brand differentiators to brand mission and values.

Building Character

Highly successful brands, those that are admired by most people, will be predictable. This is because character is created together with the brand. When this is done, you automatically start to figure out how a brand sounds, feels, smells and acts. Without character a branding campaign may surprise because of all the wrong reasons, thus losing followership.

Action Instead Of Words

People will be in a relationship with a brand. This happens due to various reasons and extends to varying degrees. Human relationships mean that a person will know who someone else is and how that person behaves. People do not focus on how someone else says they behave. Individuals are understood and evaluated based on actions instead of intentions. That is exactly what should happen through branding. A brand is not what the brand says it is. It is always exactly what it does and what it shows. What brands say needs to align to how brands are known and perceived.

Standing Out

The brand has to clearly reflect what can be done for clients. This includes all the elements. Branding without standing out is very detrimental since nobody will remember the brand. You have to be sure that you never focus on emulating what someone else did. That would be a huge mistake. When you stand out you can easily showcase exactly why people would be interested in the business you promote.


Remember that the facts we mentioned above are just some that are connected to branding. There are literally dozens of great books that can be read about branding. You want to be sure that you always focus on how things work and adapt to everything that goes on in your industry.