EU Cookie Policy with no worries

EU Cookie Policy Law is a directive of the European Union intended to protect the online privacy of internet users when they visit a website.
When it comes to practice, it requires you have a banner on every page of your website containing a short disclosure to inform your visitors about the data you are collecting. These data include technical Cookies, profiling Cookies, third parties Cookies and editor Cookies.

In other words, every website (in EU) likely needs to be compliant with the Law. Who doesn’t have at least Google Analytics installed?
This can be a tedious work if you have to do it yourself. For this reason, Federica and I, Coding Divas if you prefer, created a multi-platform plugin to help you making your website compliant in a bunch of minutes.

Divas Cookies Plugin


The plugin is available for jQuery (free), WordPress and Prestashop.
You can download it at this page.

The WordPress version is available for both Single License (9$) and Developer License (29$).
Divas Cookies Plugin is natively ready for translations and works beautifully with multisite installation.


Now, as promised, the five minutes installation.

1. Download the plugin on this page

2. Login in your WordPress Dashboard

3. Plugins => Add new





4. Load the .zip file



5. Activate the plugin


The plugin already works with default settings, but you can easily customize colours, position and animation effects of the banner.
And, if you are too lazy to write your own privacy policy, Divas Cookies is fully compliant with Iubenda policy generator.

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