Find the time for your projects’ makeup

Well, this short post is more an exhortation to myself than to others because sometimes it happens that the clients’ work is very absorbing and we consequently overlook our own projects. I’m guilty of that.
But lately I imposed myself to find the time for side projects even if I’m full booked with clients’ work.
I found it very useful, relaxing and time saving. It’s like to find the time to go to the beautician for girls or to play football for boys.

But let’s see the main reasons to find the time for “makeup”:

  • For ourselves

    We can have the necessary objectivity to tackle peacefully the clients’ work in which otherwise we risk to be too much involved
    e.g. deadlines, bills to pay and so on…

  • For our clients:

    We have the chance to do some uncompromising work. This will bring benefits to our clients too. Many ideas for clients’ sites came while I was working at my own projects.

  • To relax

    In order to deal with some clients we have sometimes to accept questionable design decision. Well, we can dive in side works to balance this bad feeling.

  • To grow

    We can experiment with new techniques and consequently grow as designers.

  • To make money

    Why not? Sometimes our side projects allow us to earn some extra incomes.

  • And of course…

    For the fun of it!

Some delicious examples of side projects

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