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A while ago, I posted a shot on Dribbble with a typeface I was working on.
I’ve finally found the time to finish it and today I’m happy to present Napa.
As you can see in the shot the original name was Napapiri, but hey, here in Tuscany we are used to short names, so Napapiri has become Napa.

Hope you like it and feel free to use it in both personal and commercial projects.

Download Napa

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Interactive designer, I’m specialized in effective and intuitive design systems with a touch of simpatia . See my work on Taostudio and Dribbble. Follow me on Twitter.

  1. lovely and thank you

  2. Pretty and useful, grazie!

  3. This is delightful! Thank you so much!!!

  4. Lovely font – grazie!

  5. 1000 gracias , lovely font

  6. Quite fun! Thanks for making this font available.

  7. Thanks so much~~!! it’s cute~~! luv it

  8. Great font! Thanks so much!

  9. Nice font, thanks for it!

  10. thank you! look forward to using this on a project. lovely!

  11. much appreciated!

  12. this is great, thank you!

  13. Thanks! Great font.

  14. Angie Gratton

    Thanks for finishing it, it’s wonderful, thank you!!

  15. love this font! thanks!

  16. Great one Michela! Will definitely use it in my projects. Thanks!

  17. Very generous of you and lovely work.

  18. Beautiful. Thank you!

  19. thank you

  20. Excellent Fonts.
    Thank You.

  21. love it!

  22. Love this font. Thanks!

  23. mil gracias por compartir!

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