Main Mobile Web Design Mistakes That Should Be Avoided

Most websites are not properly optimized for mobile device use. This is something every single designer needs to think about since a failure to optimize the site for all mobile devices can easily lead towards a loss of potential traffic. Conversions are lowered and so much frustration is caused for the visitor. Most professional marketing companies like Third Angle will tell you that any web property has to be properly optimized for mobile users. Unfortunately, in many cases mistakes are done. Those that are mentioned below are so much more common than they should be.

Using Separate Mobile URLs

No matter what you may think, when there is a separate mobile friendly version of the site, more harm appears than good. Redirection is normally the problem that has the highest impact, although search engine optimization difficulties also appear since work has to be done on two sites instead of just one.

As the user is redirected to another site, loading time increases. That redirect that happens will affect conversion rates as people will leave since they wait too much time to get to the content they want to see. While there are some advantages of using a separate mobile web site, this is no longer a common practice among business websites.

Using Too Much Density

In a regular site you can easily add many different elements. As computer screens become larger, more design elements are added to websites. This is great for PC users but it is incredibly bad for mobile users. Increased file sizes appear when density is high, leading to difficulties like:

  • Increased site loading times – Remember that mobile connections will almost always be slower than what you get with the dekstops.
  • Data plan usage – More data usage on mobile phones can lead to increased phone bills.
  • Roaming rates – These are particularly high. Users that are from another country will quickly close large mobile sites so they do not pay too much at the end of the month.

The Doorslam

A doorslam can appear in many different ways but the common one is having a large ad popping up as a site loads. The problem is that the site owner is much more interested in making a sale than creating a good experience for the visitor. Unfortunately, in many situations the doorslam will simply make the visitor leave. This means there is no chance to actually make a conversion. You want to be sure that you make it as easy as possible for the mobile visitor to get the information it needs. Focusing on an ad is always a very bad idea.

Bad Touch Targets

Last but not least, your fingers will not be precise as when you use a computer mouse. The target that is needed has to be bigger. A very common mistake when designing a website for mobile users is to have buttons that are simply too small. Do be sure you will always make them large enough for the user to find it as being really easy to click.