New ideas in my head…and a new design brought to life

It’s been just one year since this blog was launched and today I’m happy to present the version 2.0
This version went through some revisions and simplifications. It should have been ready some weeks ago, but when the design was at 90% I decided to restart almost from scratch.

The idea was a pretty flexible design, a design with pages and articles that could be a little bit customized, just enough to not become boring.
Almost every page, while sharing the same layout, keeps its own identity.

Minimal sidebar

The toughtful element in the redesign was the sidebar. In some intermediary steps it contained more elements but I found it could distract from the content and at a point I thought to remove it.
In the end I opted for a minimal sidebar and I shifted to the footer every content not directly related to the current page.

The “selfish” footer

The footer gets together a brief summary about me and my activities to avoid spreading these information across the site. Except for the about page of course.

Styling the 404 page

I enjoyed so much working on the 404 page, and after a different(and textured) approach, I decided for the foreground version.

The default post layout

In the future It could happen that I’ll write articles with a non illustrated title, I also want to keep a retro compatibility with previous entries. So this is the solution for the default post layout and the relative images


Care to share your thoughts about this design? Have your say!

Credits : Kyle Steed for the Clumsy font