Steps to Keep in Mind for a Perfect Navigation

From checking what’s trending to what’s new on a website, navigation panel helps a lot.

And that’s why it has been said that the navigation panel of a website should be more attractive and informative.

Building a navigation is easy, it doesn’t require any special skill i.e. just HTML, CSS and little of jQuery (not necessary, though) and you are all set to design your own navigation system.

There are several plugins and navigation builder available on the internet, you can also use them if you wish.

Regardless of whatever method you choose to build the navigation panel, the thing to keep in mind is, what’s inside the navigation i.e the content.

Here are the few tips, which you should keep in mind to make a perfect and also useful navigation system:

#1 Keep It Clean & Clear

When visitors get confused, they may go through the navigation panel to search whatever their requirements are.

And if your navigation panel isn’t clear, then I am sorry, you may end up losing visitors, which is obviously not a good thing.

Visitors should never feel like they want something else but the website is throwing something else because eventually, they would quit the page.

The anchor/link text should be very clear about the content which it throws once clicked.

For example, if a link text says “Jeans”, then the content should only be shown related to jeans once clicked.

#2 Maintain the Consistency

I am sure that you must have seen several websites whose navigation panel seem to be tacked forcefully on the website.

Never ever try to do something like with while designing navigation.

Keep the design, font, and colors same as the website.

Highlighting the navigation a bit by changing the color or increase the weight of font, is preferred but changing it completely is bad practice.

#3 Check Broken Links

Another major thing which every designer to need to understand that no any customer likes the broken link in the navigation panel.

Here, the broken link means the anchor/link tag does nothing on clicking.

So, it designers duty to check all the links created dynamically or statically on the website’s navigation panel and ensure that every link works.

#4 Keep it Small

There are several websites, which contains a huge navigation panel. Trust me, it isn’t a good idea unless and until you have a huge collection of different kinds of stuff.

If possible, offer few category to the visitors so that they could make a quick decision on what the choose.

However, this is not possible in every case, for an e-commerce site, it is necessary to display more and more stuff at the navigation panel. So, in this scenario, try to keep everything simple, clean and clear.

Using an icon or thumbnail is also advised but becomes a bad idea for those having slow internet speed, as these data take an extra second to load.

Additionally, also make sure that it doesn’t take more than two to three clicks to reach visitors desired page.