Tips for Beginners in the Web Designing/Developing Field

If you are a beginner in web designing/developing and want to build a great career then the first thing you should learn is the technologies which are being used currently in the market.

Learning some outdated and old programming/designing methods aren’t preferred.

Here is the list of things, which you should keep in mind before jumping into the game:

#1 Web Technologies You Need to Learn

There are a lot of technologies being used in the current market for a single stuff, but it is advised that you should always start with the basic.

If your basic is clear then learning any technology would become comparatively easier.

For web developing, you should learn HTML first, because if you use some HTML builder from the starting; you end up with no knowledge of the actual codes.

So, the basic technologies like HTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP (you can choose any other server side scripting language) are mandatory to learn.

Once you have knowledge of these technologies, it’s your choice you want to use some web builder or write code from scratch.

#2 Choosing Framework

Once you are done with learning basic technologies, you would now want to use some framework which obviously increases the productivity of your codes.

Frameworks can make your job done with ease and you have not to worry about several things.

Choosing a right framework is really a tough job. You need to take care of several things before choosing it, such as:

  • The size of Framework – If you are planning to build a simple website, then choosing some big framework is a waste.
  • Popularity – Don’t go with anything available out there. If you are confused, go with the most programmers suggest.
  • Support System – Always try to go with that framework which has a great support system.
  • Security – Always ensure that whatever framework you are choosing provides security features.
  • Documentation – Documentation is the only thing which helps you to understand that framework, so it should be very well explained and easily understandable.

 #3 Maintaining Standard Rule Everywhere

In a single website, maintaining a standard rule means using the same font everywhere, using the same graphics design everywhere, using the same color scheme everywhere.

Not only this, the website should be easily readable to the readers and the color schemes shouldn’t be very bright or very dull.

Always maintain the profession look. Don’t ever try to add something which is irrelevant to the website.

Well, that’s all. You are all set to start your web designing/developing career.

Keep in mind that market always changes, so be updated and try to learn new and innovative technologies for a better growth.