Web is love: the story

I think the title of this blog is self–explanatory,  in any case I’d like to share what brought web is love to life. I wanted to create something that would represent me and, at the same time, a place to freely share my passion for web design. The name and the concept came together in my mind and, from the first steps I knew the look and feel I needed. And now let’s get started with the story.


The main inspiration came from In the Bottom of My Garden, an early work by Andy Warhol. I was fascinated  in a visual sense of course, but also with the atmosphere of a pixiesque world.
Some other influences came from Alice in Wonderland: in particular I have always loved the White Rabbit.

100% crafted by hand

The look I was trying to obtain was informal.
I also think it’s important to bring a human feeling to a digital medium, so I really liked the idea of using my hands to create every element in this website. I jumped on Illustrator and Photoshop only after the stuff was sketched on paper.

To say nothing of all the fun I had creating the dummy head.

Yep, I think pleasure is a must while we are crafting our own work


The choice of Clarendon font face, put togheter 2 of my great passions: the Old American West and the fifties/sixties era, both periods where this font was widely used in posters and advertising.
A bit more complex was the choice of the second font face. Finally, Syncopated Script was the typeface I was looking for. It was inspired by the work of painter Stuart Davis, a bridge between cubism and Pop Art.
I like Georgia, it fits well with the 2 above and it’s a web–safe font, so I decided to use it for the main text.

Progressive enhancement and CSS3 stuff

I really like the idea of progressive enhancement. However, the tricks I used here are very minimal because the style of the website simply didn’t require too much effort in this way.
So just some rounded corners and transitions for link hover effect.


Well, I really hope you’ve found a nice place to stay and you feel as much at home here as I do.