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  1. EU Cookie Policy with no worries

    EU Cookie Policy Law is a directive of the European Union intended to protect the online privacy of internet users when they visit a website.
    When it comes to practice, it requires you have a banner on every page of your website containing a short disclosure to inform your visitors about the data you are collecting. These data include technical Cookies, profiling Cookies, third parties Cookies and editor Cookies.  [Continue…]

    Written by Michela

  2. webdiversity9

    It has been a while from my last article in this space, cients work can be very absorbing at times. This is exactly the topic I want to start from: Clients.

    Written by Michela

  3. boavista1

    My last vacation was in Boa Vista, a wonderful island in Capo Verde, Africa. When I come back from a trip I love to bring souvenirs to friends and I love as well looking for them during my trip. This time is not different of course, but I wanted to find a way to make something digital too.
    So I took many photos and I created 7 colour palettes inspired by this beautiful land, one for each day, I was in vacation after all! Hope you enjoy!  [Continue…]

    Written by Michela


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  1. EU Cookie Policy with no worries
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