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  1. boavista1

    My last vacation was in Boa Vista, a wonderful island in Capo Verde, Africa. When I come back from a trip I love to bring souvenirs to friends and I love as well looking for them during my trip. This time is not different of course, but I wanted to find a way to make something digital too.
    So I took many photos and I created 7 colour palettes inspired by this beautiful land, one for each day, I was in vacation after all! Hope you enjoy!  [Continue…]

    Written by Michela

  2. redelsilenzio4

    Free wallpaper inspired by a recent Litfiba show in Milan.
    The title is “Re del Silenzio”(King of the Silence) one of my favorite songs of the band.
    Available in different sizes for your device. Enjoy!  [Continue…]

    Written by Michela

  3. napa2

    A while ago, I posted a shot on Dribbble with a typeface I was working on.
    I’ve finally found the time to finish it and today I’m happy to present Napa.
    As you can see in the shot the original name was Napapiri, but hey, here in Tuscany we are used to short names, so Napapiri has become Napa.  [Continue…]

    Written by Michela


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